ROMAN EMPIRE – Diva Faustina 138-161 A.D.

Faustina Senior Denarius. DIVA AVG FAVSTINA, draped bust right, hair in stephane / CONCORDIAE, Antoninus Pius standing right, holding scroll, clasping right hands with Faustina Senior standing left, holding scepter.

Faustina the Elder, Posthumous AR Denarius, DIVA AVG FAVSTINA, draped bust of Faustina, facing right. / CONCORDIAE, Antoninus Pius, togate, stands, facing right, holding a roll, and clasps hands with Faustina, who stands, facing left, veiled and draped, holding a scepter. A sentimental issue, struck after she died in 141 A.D., and before her daughter, also named Faustina, was given the title of Augusta, in 147, upon the birth of her first child. Mint State, beautiful mint luster, rare as such! RSC 159, RIC III (Antoninus Pius) 381b, BMC IV (Antoninus Pius) 298, RCV 4592, (3.79 gm.).
drachm 2a

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