Travancore Chuckrum Board

Travancore alavupalaka {Chuckram Board} used in 18 th  Century  AD.

Capacity of 288 Chuckram coins equal 10 Rupee of India British {28 1/2 Chuckam equal to one British Rupee.}


Different types of chuckram boards to measure the quantity….100,200&500 silver chuckrams.
Chukram boards are rectangular shaped with holes (precise size & depth of coin) etched in rows on its wooden surface.
Chuckram boards were used as a platform to count the small silver chuckram. As the coins were tiny, they would easily slip of the hand. These coins were taken with cupped hands  & placed on the board, with a  little shake/tilt  of the board & swipe of the hand over the coins would help to place the coins on the slots. And when the slots in the board is filled, would show the exact number of chuckrams. These boards are required normally for the purchase of small property, payment of dowry, purchase of agricultural products etc etc.
One Chuckram= 16 cash.

28 1/2 Chuckram = 1 British Rupee.


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