Indo-Dutch Cochin, Tin, 8 Bazaruk, 1724-95 AD,1.39 gm.

Obv: 8 / VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) monogram

Rev: Oval shield


Bazaruk, Tin, 8 / Voc On Obv, Oval Shield On Rerv, Nd (1724-95), Km 3, Cochin Mint. Rare.


Initially the Bazaruco went at 24 for the Stiver. After the new rating of the Fanam they went at 32 to the Stiver which rate continued when in 1724 the Dutch copper Doits were introduced. 8 Bazarucos were equal to 1 Doit and 4 Doits equal to 1 Stiver. For this reason, after 1724 they were marked with an 8 above the VOC-monogram.
Ref.: Scholten #1254.



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